Slate & tile replacement conservatory roofs

Venture conservatory roof systems result in energy saving insulating qualities during both hot and cold conditions

Can roof blinds offer a similar insulating quality?

Conservatory roof blinds only provide shade at best they do not provide any insulating values. The Venture replacement conservatory roof system vastly outperforms standard roof blinds by keeping your conservatory warm in the winter and cool throughout the summer.

Venture conservatory solid roof systems are a market leader and outperform all of our competitors products available. For example a typical standard conservatory roof with a polycarbonate panel covering has a U-value of 1.62W/m2K, installation of conservatory roof blinds will reduce this on average to about 1.43W/m2K

The Venture conservatory tiled roof system reduces this figure to about 0.29W/m2K

We are confident in these figures and it is clear to see they speak for themselves. Venture Conservatory solid roof replacement can bring that once unusable space back to life

Does it affect the light ?

No, installing the Venture solid conservatory roof system on average results in only minor loss of natural light about 5% with polycarbonate paneled roofs and about 11% for standard clear glass

The normal level of natural light into the conservatory is generally through the windows and doors, front and side panes, in taking into consideration the floor / glass ratio of an average conservatory of medium size the light loss is minimal and about 5% overall

Does the Venture conservatory solid roof require building regulation ?

No, conservatories do not currently fall under building regulation as they are considered a temporary structure. Venture conservatory solid roof installations are carried out by our qualified team of time served tradesmen and routinely conform to relevant building regulations

Will it lower our energy bills, will we notice any temperature difference overall ?

After the installation process of your new Venture conservatory solid roof has taken place your conservatory will function as efficiently as any other room within your home

Venture conservatory roofs are installing what’s commonly known in the industry as a ‘warm roof’ this will bring the u-value down to about 0.18w/m2k

Current building regulations require a new traditional property roof to reach 0.20/m2k which is a substantial difference compared to it’s previous u-value this would typically have been about 1.6w/m2k

The outstanding low u-value of a Venture conservatory roof clearly outperforms with substantial energy saving insulating qualities during both hot and cold conditions

On average a polycarbonate paneled roof offers about 8 times less the insulating values and a glass roof would offer about 6 times less the insulating values. Venture conservatory roofs are confident that installation will lower energy requirements considerably

How long will Venture take to install my replacement conservatory tiled roof ?

Conservatories vary in size and required finish however a medium sized roof including all finishing usually takes between 3-5 working days to install and finish

Can I change the current lighting in my conservatory during the roof replacement ?

Yes, we have qualified electricians working within our team and a variety of options from standard pendants to down lighters and LED spot lights

Will the extra weight on the roof structure cause any issues ?

Venture conservatory roofs are bespoke and hand manufactured to the highest of standards. All of our products are tested for their tolerance against both the elements and live loads.

Is the work guaranteed ?

Yes, we provide a 10 year guarantee with all Venture conservatory roof systems against faulty materials and workmanship

Can we really look forward to warmer winters and cooler summers whilst using our newly converted conservatory ?

Yes of course! As a guide your insulating values or heat conductance U-values will drop dramatically from around 1.62W/m2K down to 0.29W/m2K a fraction of their original level.

You can look forward to both a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy the whole year around and the benefits of lower energy bills.